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The Poor Man's Gary Vee Content Model 

Proof-of-concept turned weekly podcast business model

The idea came to me after hearing Social Media Marketing Master Gary Vaynerchuck (or Gary Vee as he's known to his fans) talk about how to use podcasts as pillar content and spreading it across various social channels. 

Gary also mentions that he gives his best advice away for free because it builds value but also because he knows that 99% of his audience won't follow his advice.

Gary Vee's basic content model is simple. 

1. Create a singular piece of large pillar content. 2.  Dice that into smaller content (repurpose) to share across appropriate channels. 

3. Repeat.

If done right, one-hour-long video presentation or video recorded podcast can give a few month's of content by way of a transcription becoming a blog, the video being diced into smaller pieces, screen grabs for memes and photos, quotes for posts, and audio for podcasts.

It's a brilliant idea. There is just one small problem: Not all of us have a "Team Gary Vee" of editors behind us that have hours to spend making the smaller content and distributing it.

What small business owner has the time or money to pay a video crew to record his every waking professional moment, then sift through that video to find the golden nuggets of content, edit, and repurpose it?

I hate excuses. 

I told myself there had to be a way to, at the very least, get started producing several pieces of content from one, no matter how much or little time it takes. How could the average (preferably small) business owner make it work? Then a deep gripping reality hit me. By telling myself it wouldn't be possible for a solo operator to do it, I was making a pretty massive excuse.

The idea that even the smallest of businesses with no marketing budget or time should be able to produce quality content for organic growth and share through social channels is a big part of why I do what I do. If business owners have time to check their personal Facebook or LinkedIn in their downtime, then don't they have time to update their professional ones?

I make it a personal practice never to ask someone to do or try something I myself have not or would not do. In this case, I want to be able to recommend the easiest, most cost-effective way for clients to use podcasting as their primary content creation and marketing medium. So far, it has been quite the learning experience! I'm a few weeks in and have really started to get my flow.

Like any solid strategy for a project, I made sure to set a few guidelines for myself. I wanted to make sure I keep it simple but really push myself to produce the most quality content as quickly as possible with the strongest constraints in terms of time and budget ($0). I call my guidelines "The Sacred Six"

The Sacred Six

  1. The content created must be as selfless as possible on my part-

    Put value first, always by following the 80/10 Rule.

  2. I can only create and distribute content using free apps on my phone. This way, I also have memory and storage constraints.

  3. I must have the ability to have guests on the show and need to actively seek guests that I feel can add value to my audience.

  4. I must include Video, Photo, and Audio content whenever possible for maximum organic exposure.

  5. I need to pre-schedule content for daily distribution (M-F). This part proved to be tricky after a couple of seasons and, after some competitive analysis, unnecessary as most successful shows air on a weekly schedule. 

  6. I distribute on as many podcast platforms as possible and utilize various social media for (unpaid, organic) promotion.

Now that I am more than 100 episodes in, I am happy to say I have found a way to do all of the above, from my phone using various apps and have started to find success! So, how does it work?

The Tech Stack

My stack is the stack of apps I have found to be most useful in sticking with the sacred six to get the job done! There has been a lot of trial and error, and everyone will have different preferences, but this is what has been working for me! I hope it helps! Here's a peek into the toolkit I have found to be most effective!

The Podcast

For the podcast, I chose, and here's why:

  • It's 100% Free (actually, you can make money... see below)!

  • The Features- easy to use, intuitive, and supports amazing editing features such as adding music to the background of vocal tracks, musical transitions, sound effects, and even allows me to invite guests via a function similar to a conference call!

  • It handles mass distribution for me. I'm now on Spotify, iTunes (Apple Podcasts), Google Podcasts, Breaker, and RadioPublic. The best part is that I didn't have to submit the show to any of them, Anchor did it for me, and continues to try to get me on even more platforms!

  • It supports imports of audio clips and images

  • It allows for social sharing and scheduling posts. This one is huge. I currently have the next 3 days worth of shows in the can and scheduled for distribution!

  • It can produce revenue! Anchor matches podcasters with sponsors (if you opt-in) where you can get a short outline of a script and add a sponsored segments into any show. You can decide if you want to add a segment or not and where to add the ad, allowing for a great little revenue stream. You can also have listener-supported shows.

The Video

This one was tricky. Because I record most of my shows on the commute to and from work, setting up a separate camera was not only unpractical, but not safe, and broke one of my own rules by not using my phone. 

I racked my brain for a few days, but I ended up going with Instagram and IGTV. This allowed me to distribute to "both" platforms with one app. 

Basically, I shoot a video, extract the audio for the podcast, create a catchy graphic, and upload the video to my IGTV account. My IGTV and Instagram audience then gets a sneak peek at an upcoming episode, but have to tune in to the podcast for the full show that goes further in-depth. I can also use the image that I use with the video as an Instagram post the day the show goes live to help with visual retention ques!

More Video Tools

To my surprise, Tic Tok and Instagram Reels have proven to be quite useful tools for recording short clips that provide content in the form of segments for the podcast! I can add in popular music then share directly to other social platforms! It takes out a few steps and has the bonus of having a great organic reach!

I also recently added to my tech stack. Headliner uses its AI to choose 15-30 second sound bites from my show and converts it into a video with visual waves from the audio and graphics from my show's graphics. I can customize the format of the video to choose image size, length, color schemes and more! It has made creating teasers not only easier but automated! I only wish I had found this tool on episode 7 instead of episode 67! Let's just say is a must for any new podcast looking to promote!

The Graphics

I found an amazing free app called Canva. This nifty little app allows users to create logos, social media images (including banners, profile icons, etc), and much more without needing any special software knowledge beyond the app. It offers an extensive royalty-free library for imagery and even has sizing templates to take the guess work out! This let me create all of the show's graphics for social and each individual episode in one place!

The Audio Extraction

To extract the audio from my IGTV videos, I use Video to MP3 Converter by InShots Inc. I like this tool because I can also use it to edit the length of the video, cut the audio, merge audio, and (obviously) extract the audio from my video to upload to the podcast... all for free!

Social Media Support

I already mentioned Instagram, but because Instagram allows for posting on both Facebook and Twitter simultaneously, it just makes sense to use those platforms as well!

Instagram has become my go-to for audience building as I quickly grew my audience from 200 followers to 1,000+ in about a month. I shared my insights about how I managed 5x growth and became an "Inatagram Nano Influencer" on a few episodes of the show. 


I created a page for my podcast (complete with a banner made in Logopit Plus) and optimized it to be found. I was sure to claim my short link and fill out as much info about the show as possible, as any good business should.


Okay, so I have to admit. I kind of cheated here. Because my personal Twitter had been a bit directionless, I rebranded it with the intent of using it exclusively for the podcast going forward. The benefit of this is that I already had a pretty decent audience on Twitter with a wide range of interests. The downside is that I'm not sure how many listen to podcasts regularly. I made sure to make its short link similar to the one I used on Facebook for consistency and brand recognition.

The Future

So far, I have been reminded that this kind of marketing is all about the long-game. It is about building a back catalog of content to establish yourself and your brand. 

I've had several guests on the show, which gives me confidence in this model. Guest shows are all about them, not about the show. These episodes give guests a chance to tell their story, spread their message, or promote their brand and connect with an audience they may not have otherwise. 

I'm proud to say I've built some great connections with both guests and fellow podcasters over the growth of the show. 

I'm excited about this project and to see where it goes next and feel like the future is unlimited. Now that I can show the value and organic growth, I truely enjoy sharing my method with my clients. I call my method "The poor man's Gary Vee Content Model". Stay tuned!