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What's Your Logo Say About You?

❓ Do you have a logo? What message does your logo send?

People often underestimate how much goes in to an effective logo design. There's a lot of psychology and planning that goes far beyond simply looking cool. It sends a message and, often, more than one!

Let's look at mine. It's clean, crisp and simple.

💎 This is to quickly tell you who I am, what I do, and suggest transparency.

Let's look at the colors.

Blue suggests my company is trustworthy, promotes leadership, and calm reliability.

Red suggests taking action, urgency, and grabs attention.

Now consider the icon.

📍 It's instantly recognizable as a map locator icon that shows where to go, focus, or gives the end destination, right?

Look at its strategic location in relation to the text. What's it say?

"The focus is on you."

I'll ask again, what message does your logo send?

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