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What's Your Facebook Strategy?

Steal. This. Strategy.

No, seriously. This blog is repurposed congregation from an Instagram post. I debated rewiring it, but realized it's a great example of great description content. Marketing is all about trial and error, learning and growth, so seriously... steal this Strategy!

🤔 Do you have a Facebook Strategy? 🔑

(Jump to the 📍below for top tips!)

Remember, you don't have to be in all platforms but you should go all-in on the platforms you're on.

💎 If you're not on @facebook you're missing out on the ability to get in front of the world's largest social audience! 📢

📚 @facebookforbusiness offers a ton of free promotional tools, templates, training video content and more to help you stand out to the audience that matters most to you on the largest social platform on the planet!

📍Here are 6 free tips to level up your Facebook strategy right now!

🔗 Link your Facebook and @instagram pages so you can plan content on both platforms.

⏳Schedule your content out in advance with Facebook Creator Studio

📈 Check your insights and analytics often to know your audience, what they're responding to, and when they're online.

📲 Keep your phone handy and notifications on... and respond to every comment for 2X engagement!

💡Be content consistent. This helps teach both your audience and the algorithms what to expect!

📣 After providing value, Include strong calls to action!

With the right strategy, you can't go wrong!

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