If You're Not Innovating, You're Irrelevant

Marketing and branding have always been about grabbing attention.

A decades-old definition of a marketer is someone who "creates a need by creating awareness".

Indeed, marketing and branding have always been about grabbing attention but if you have to copy others, you're wasting time.

TL;DR Takeaway: Be your own brand. Nobody wants to follow after a follower, only leaders gets followed.

Strive to be unique and not copy others for no one wants to follow the follower. They seek to follow leaders so that they might become leaders. Digital Marketing of today is about showing people something they've never seen before.

Now, more than ever before, people have seen your ad, blog, or social post so many times they want to throw up.

What's worse, they've seen your competitors do it better and recognize that your "effort" is nothing more than a regurgitated idea with a fresh coat of paint.

Today's tech-smart and social-savvy audience find it repulsive and insulting.